1. Tumblr friends! The film I made in Russia with some awesome people is now online! I wrote a story about the whole experiance in the video description, but for conveiniences sake I’ve copy-pasted it below…

    〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)

    Winner ‘Best Animation Project’ at VGIK International Summer School 2014.

    Over a period of three weeks from 11th July-1st August I was lucky enough to attend the VGIK International Summer School of 2014 - a program in which foreign students collaborate with the Russian VGIK students in creating short films. Our film Moscow Metro was inspired by the beautiful architecture of the Moscow underground (particularly Novoslobodskaya) and the graphic representation of the underground map - such as the iconic radial line.

    The summer school brought in students from Germany, Switzerland, France and China just to name a few, and I was the only person from that bottom half of the world where everyone walks upside down.
    It was my first time directing people with whom I had no previous experience, but the Russian students were such a talented bunch that it was a pleasure.
    An extra special props to Svetlana, who was such a focused, passionate animator that I’m sure she’ll be a world famous director one day.

    It was an incredible experience full of memories I’ll never forget, from tasting Kefir (basically sour off-milk that Russian’s somehow enjoy drinking??*it was actually not bad though* to our drunken goodbye acapella of Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Anyway, I’ve waffled on enough. That’s all folks, expect more from me later this year! ;)

  2. put your red and blue glasses on ladies and gentleman, cos I’ve officially entered the third dimensiooooooooooon

  3. 120814//Toucan

    Started doing stuff with textas for fun.
    Here is something I made today, captured especially for you on the worlds worst scanner.

  4. 100814//SMILE_N_SHIT

    While making this I was vibin hard to music and then once again realised 2 hours into it that I’d been accidentally listening to 2 separate albums on itunes and soundcloud at once.
    Here is one of them… https://soundcloud.com/ic3peak/bound-1

  5. Going to Moscow for the VGIK summer school! Pretty pumped!
    Here is some concept art for the film I pitched…

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    Sound Lab

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    Wanted a new wallpaper SO I MADE ONE. Feel free to use :3 ;) >:D ;_;
    EDIT: wow tumblr resize kinda sucks eh. download here

  8. One of my personal heroes, Dieter Meier from Yello. view hi-res!

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    Aliased. Click high res to view properly. Forgot tumblr does that if its over 500 pixels D’oh! (homer simpson)