1. 220414//$kull$
    Wanted a new wallpaper SO I MADE ONE. Feel free to use :3 ;) >:D ;_;
    EDIT: wow tumblr resize kinda sucks eh. download here

  2. One of my personal heroes, Dieter Meier from Yello. view hi-res!

  3. 040414//Toroino 13

  4. 280314//RGBB
    Aliased. Click high res to view properly. Forgot tumblr does that if its over 500 pixels D’oh! (homer simpson)

  5. 110314//Chompa Stompa
    And now for something completely different. Uni excercise involved making our ‘alter ego’ from blu tac and scanning onto flat bed. Then I was digitally colouring it and listening to a lot of Yello (as always) so I decided to make a fictional album cover out of it.
    I am now a convert of using real textures.
    Chompa Stompa.
    And yes my alter ego is a humanoid shark with guns for hands.

  6. 240214 // 30DD

    Mah Troll

  7. 220214 // 30DD

    Been “”“”“”“”“”inbetween projects”“”“”“”“”“”” aka incredibly lazy the last month or so but ammmm bakkk beetcheezzzz bout to start full time on my next film YAHOOOOO!!!!!! !! !!!    !       !   !  ! !                ! 

    But something I’ve been doing lately is these 30min warm up Daily Doodles and I thought this was the first one that wasn’t completely terrible! So I shall post these when they aren’t completely terrible! How terrible!

  8. Originally intended for November Loopdeloop but life got in the way.
    Also style testing for next project AND first time animating in photoshop.
    Used Alex Grigg’s tutorial. Very Cool.

  9. New batch of stickers! Keep an eye out for them in Brisbane ;3

    sometimes I like to make glitch art…
    I also used some content aware scaling in this one.
    Also it’s desktop size if you are so inclined :D XD XDDDDDDD ;_;