1. put your red and blue glasses on ladies and gentleman, cos I’ve officially entered the third dimensiooooooooooon

  2. 120814//Toucan

    Started doing stuff with textas for fun.
    Here is something I made today, captured especially for you on the worlds worst scanner.

  3. 100814//SMILE_N_SHIT

    While making this I was vibin hard to music and then once again realised 2 hours into it that I’d been accidentally listening to 2 separate albums on itunes and soundcloud at once.
    Here is one of them… https://soundcloud.com/ic3peak/bound-1

  4. Going to Moscow for the VGIK summer school! Pretty pumped!
    Here is some concept art for the film I pitched…

  5. .IMG_Search//: 280514

    Sound Lab

  6. 220414//$kull$
    Wanted a new wallpaper SO I MADE ONE. Feel free to use :3 ;) >:D ;_;
    EDIT: wow tumblr resize kinda sucks eh. download here

  7. One of my personal heroes, Dieter Meier from Yello. view hi-res!

  8. 040414//Toroino 13

  9. 280314//RGBB
    Aliased. Click high res to view properly. Forgot tumblr does that if its over 500 pixels D’oh! (homer simpson)

  10. 110314//Chompa Stompa
    And now for something completely different. Uni excercise involved making our ‘alter ego’ from blu tac and scanning onto flat bed. Then I was digitally colouring it and listening to a lot of Yello (as always) so I decided to make a fictional album cover out of it.
    I am now a convert of using real textures.
    Chompa Stompa.
    And yes my alter ego is a humanoid shark with guns for hands.